Innovation meets Performance.

Experience a world of exclusivity and unique performance with the M 800-R, the visionary result of collaboration between ABT Sportsline and Marian. This yacht sets new standards for luxury electric yachts and establishes leading standards for electric sports boats.

The M 800-R is a true powerhouse, combining high performance with exclusive design. With a power of up to 450 kW and an impressive top speed of 85 km/h, it offers an unparalleled driving experience on the water. Built in a limited edition of only 20 units, the M 800-R embodies the ultimate symbol of exclusivity. Secure your copy of this masterpiece and experience the future of electric mobility on the water up close.
Model Specifications
450 kW
ABT Mode
250 kW
Continuous power
121.5 kWh
Battery capacity
85 km/h
Top speed
30 km/h
Cruising speed
120 kW
Charging power
7.90 m
2.50 m
0.65 m

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Carbon air vents
M800-R embossing in the upholstery
ABT | Marian Interface with mobile app connection
Jet thrusters bow & stern
Q1 wireless charger for charging mobile phones
Esthec Smoke flooring in herringbone design
Ambient & underwater lighting with remote control
Bang & Olufsen sound system

The M800-R not only impresses with its appealing design, but also offers a range of high-quality features, including the high-end sound system from Bang & Olufsen for an unparalleled audio experience.

Additional highlights include saltwater resistance for carefree adventures on the high seas, the exclusive ABT | Marian Interface with mobile app connection for convenient control via smartphone, jet thrusters at both bow and stern for precise maneuverability, a QI wireless charger for mobile devices, Esthec Smoke herringbone-patterned flooring for stylish design and functionality, as well as ambient and underwater lighting with remote control for customizable lighting effects.

Experience luxury, performance, and innovation combined in the M800-R.

ABT | MARIAN Customizations - Highest Quality in Every Detail.

ABT | MARIAN Customizations - Highest Quality in Every Detail.

ABT | MARIAN Customizations - Highest Quality in Every Detail.

ABT Steering Wheel
The ABT sports steering wheel is an exclusive design elementwith integrated lighting, whose logo remains centrally positioned to combineelegance and functionality.
Carbon Seats
Carbon seats combine sporty design with maximum comfort,upholstered in high-quality Alcantara fabric and enhanced with diamondstitching.
Keyless Go
The conventional ignition lock is a thing of the past. Start your boat using your ABT Marian NFC chip card.
Electric Motor
The electric motor achieves a peak power of 450 kW and acontinuous power of 250 kW, making it a leader in electric drive technology.
CCS Charging
The CCS charger allows fast charging with up to 150 kW, achieving a charge in less than an hour, while the Juice Booster supports charges of up to 22 kW.
Premium Upholstery
Red upholstery and anthracite Alcantara covers with elegant diamond quilting offer stylish comfort and remain pleasant even at high temperatures.
Two Families.
One Vision.
Experience the powerful connection of two companies with a shared vision: ABT Sportsline and Marian Boats. Two pioneers, united by their passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and technological progress. This unique partnership redefines luxury and performance in the field of electric watercraft. 

Immerse yourself in the combined expertise and dedication in the ABT | Marian M 800-R, where the tradition of two companies converges in an innovative way to create an unparalleled driving experience.




When it comes to exclusive customized vehicles from the brands Audi, VW, Lamborghini, Seat, CUPRA, and Skoda, the name of the market leader ABT Sportsline is known worldwide. For more than 125 years, the ABT brand has stood for innovation, technological strength, quality, and exquisite craftsmanship. The spectrum of the vehicle tuner from the Allgäu region includes performance enhancement, body attachments, chassis, and interiors, as well as limited special models. 

However, the family-owned company stands for much more. ABT Sportsline not only operates top-level motorsport in the DTM, at the 24H race, and in the Formula E electric racing series, but is also always at the forefront of drive technology. ABT e-Line bundles the company's expertise in the field of electro mobility and alternative drives. 

Always striving for improvement, setting new goals, advancing - this is the ambition and drive for ABT, on the racetrack, in the development of intelligent tuning components for the road, and now also on the water.

Under the leadership of Ion Marian since 2001, Marian Boats has established itself as one of the pioneers in the electric boat industry. With over 20 years of experience and second-generation family management, the company is known for its innovation and pioneering spirit. The production roots of Marian Boats are in Romania, while final assembly takes place on the picturesque Wolfgangsee in Austria.

Since its inception, the company has specialized exclusively in electric boats, putting it far ahead of the trend towards environmentally friendly watercraft. The passion for quality, sustainability, and highest customer satisfaction is evident in every detail of the products.

Marian Boats continuously sets new standards in the electric boat industry and shapes the future of electro mobility on the water with expertise and vision.

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Range depends on the specific conditions on every trip. Actual range and speed can be reduced by additional loads, wind, current, the pilot’s driving style, as well as by the age and condition of batteries, engine and propeller.








Technical Data
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7.90 m
2.50 m
0.65 m
2.500 kg
Driving Modes
Port Mode | Cruise | ABT Mode
250 kW continuous power / 450 kW peak power
Saltwater Compatibility
121.5 kWh Lithium Batteries
CE Certification

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